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  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 12… and corsets… and OMGI’MGOINGTOAMURRIKA!

    I actually can’t remember what video I was watching, but I was cackling away and then all of a sudden I felt the SCRAMBLE-THUD of Bindi on the bed. She started on my hip and slowly worked her way up my back until she was within petting reach and purring happily into my ear as…

  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 3

    Bindipuss. Derpyface. Cuddlekitten. Beautiful eyes.

  • A Pop of Colour

    In a fit of abject boredom yesterday afternoon, I popped over to my sister’s place and we went out to the local plaza for a little retail therapy. Not really, I just needed to buy some cat food and a sun visor for my car, but anyway… We walked past a florist and she started…

  • London Eye-View

    Last night the manbeast stopped and, while looking over at a few of my photographs, quietly said it was nice to be reminded that one doesn’t need top-notch photographic gear to get a great image.  Yeah, that’s a compliment I’ll take.  I happen to agree.  Some of my favourite shots have been taken on a…

  • Columbidae

    A pigeon kind enough to pose on Gem Pier, Williamstown.