Tag: digital art

  • Watching the Morning

    Full list of stock credits can be found on my deviantART page. Another for my Dragon Worlds series.  Been working on this one for a while. Still not entirely happy with it.  I think it’s because it’s in portrait orientation rather than landscape. It’s not quite as epic as I was hoping it to look […]

  • The Morrighan

    Full stock credits can be found on my deviantART page. The Washer of the Ford There is a lonely stream afar in a lone dim land: It hath white dust for shire it has, white bones bestrew the strand: The only thing that liveth there is a naked leaping sword; But I, who are a […]

  • London

    I absolutely adored London.  It was big and dirty and scary.  It has the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Churchill Museum (which I adored), the Brittish Museum (which was unfortunately filled to the brim with school kids). I loved the muffins and juice we got from the little cafe right nextdoor to the hostel […]