Hello to friends, both new and old, and to family who may be reading this.

I have found it cathartic to rant, whine, and write complete nonsensical bullshit on my blogs for a very, very long time. I’ve been blogging since as early as 1997 (that’s about as far back as I can remember online) – longer, if you count the paper journals I kept as a teen.

I write about lots of things, such as what makes me happy, sad, what is going on in my life, the state of my health, what I think on certain subjects, etc.

Sometimes you may not like what I have to say. I totally understand that. I welcome debate, rebuttal and respectful disinclination to agree as much as I welcome (and appreciate) validation and support.

What I will not welcome (or accept) is disrespect or abuse. Such comments will be deleted. Yes, everyone has the right to voice their opinion but that goes hand-in-hand with the responsibility everyone has to not be a dick.

So don’t be a dick.

And to those of you who know me personally in real life away from the computer, if you have any issues with what I write here then please feel free to talk to me about it but also please accept that this is MY space and I am letting my audience see little pieces that make the whole of me. Doing so makes me happy.

I don’t believe in censoring myself to make other people happy.

I am an enigma wrapped in mystery wrapped in bacon.