Category: Pets

  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 4. And Dugite.

    It’s not entirely fair that Dugite doesn’t get a look in, though she is notoriously difficult to photograph. So here’s a high-key noir shot of my little black shadow.

  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 3

    Bindipuss. Derpyface. Cuddlekitten. Beautiful eyes.

  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 2

    It’s still “this week”. I don’t really have a schedule for TWB, though I will aim for a Sunday/Monday night posting. It’s the end of the week now, though, but it still counts! Also, I don’t think I mentioned in my intro TWB post but any picture on any device counts. Cats have relatively short…

  • The Weekly Bindi – Week 1 (Project 52)

    I figured I needed a new project with which to entertain myself and what’s better than tormenting a cat with a camera once a week? The Weekly Bindi is a Project 52 I’ve decided to start in an effort to record the life of my cat, Bindi. At least once a week for a year.…

  • Bushwalking with Bronagh

    Near to where I live is a little gorgeous walking path that runs along a little creek which in turn sits in a little gorge. The gorge itself is only about 100 metres long but as you walk you dip into a crevice that all but hides the fact that you’re walking through the middle…