Author: Ren

  • Where she go?

    I’m still alive, don’t worry. Been meaning to update this here blog but WordPress has become a steaming pile of shit with it’s new disaster of a “block” editor and I haven’t had the desire to deal with it. Just been busy moving house for the second time in a couple months. I’m in a […]

  • The Mother of All Updates… Maybe. Kinda.

    I’ve forgotten how to blog. I can write comments on everyone else’s blogs, but I’ve forgotten how to write. But here we go. An update, of sorts, for anyone who might maybe stumble into Renlish land again. I keep intending to write and it never really happens. Though to be fair, this past 18 months […]

  • Art Bloggery – The Colouring Craze

    A few years ago, like just about everyone else on the planet, I started colouring. Yes, according to social media experts, I had regressed depressingly back to my childhood where apparently I have daddy issues, or something. According to artists everywhere else, I was being lazy and not truly my creative self by colouring someone […]

  • Working on it!

    Bear with me!

  • Diary of a Hysterectomy – The Hospital

    Day 0. “Eviction Day” I’m a wreck. No other way to put it. The enormity of what’s happened over the past 18 months (marriage separation and uprooting my life, illness, the death of my aunt, etc), and now this has proven to be too much to handle today. I’m tired and anxious and can’t stop […]

  • Essure update. AKA “Now I need a hysterectomy to fix this shit!”

    I figured it was about time to update the situation with my Essure implants now that they’ve been in for a few months. Nothing has improved and as you can see from the title of this post, I am having a hysterectomy to have the things removed. Why do I need such a serious surgery […]

  • Essure Implants – A Testimonial

    Warning – This post talks about female reproductive organs and contraception. If you don’t like reading about that stuff, go away. I’m taking the opportunity to write about my experience with the (somewhat infamous) Essure implants. If you’ve found your way here after googling Essure either before or after you’ve had the operation, firstly, don’t […]

  • Simplest and Best Cauliflower Soup EVER

    Is there anything better than cauliflower soup? Well, there’s chocolate, I guess. And doughnuts. And apple crumble doused liberally in extremely vanilla-y custard. But I digress. Cauliflower soup is the bees knees of soups and has been a favourite since forever and best of all it is piss-easy to make. Ingredients: 1 Large head of […]

  • Changes. Well, more changes.

    So, long time no blog. Things change. How many times have I admitted that to myself this year? It’s been an up-and-down few months. I finally walked out of my marriage, a little tenderised but mostly unscathed. I can pretty much thank the Manbeast’s level head for much of it. The house sold for a […]

  • Life is Strange – Game Review

    On the penultimate eve of what is swiftly becoming the geek event of the year – PAX AU – I thought I would celebrate the approaching nerdgasm with a review of a game that I have been playing on and off for the past few weeks. I would have done a review sooner but I’ve […]