• Ren, aka Erin, is a takerer of pictures and a writerer of words. Most of those words are truly horrible when put together creatively, as demonstrated in every NaNoWriMo she’s ever taken part in.
  • The photographs are vaguely more impressive. She’s a fledgling boudoir and creative portrait photographer.
  • Ren is also a digital artist of sorts, actually trained in cool stuff like logo design and typography and colour theory… but she just likes to make pretty pictures on the computer occasionally.
  • She also-also makes jewellery… she has very eclectic tastes but generally aims for “organic” which means her mess-ups become part of the design. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.
  • She does other stuff like colouring, acrylic pouring and sculpture.
  • She’s also into cosplay – mostly steampunk and fantasy cosplay.
  • If you want to email her, it’s ren[at]renlish.com.
  • She swears.  A lot. She’s trying her best to curb this habit but it occasionally slips out into her writing, especially when she’s frustrated.
  • She has one small cat called Dugite (“dew-gyte”), who is otherwise known as “Spewkitty”. There used to be two small cats – Bindi (aka “That Fucking Cat”) was the main star of this blog but she passed away due to kidney complications in May, 2018.
  • She also thinks it’s kinda weird that she’s talking about herself in third person so she’s going to stop now.

And a wee note about product reviews…

This is a PR friendly blog. I have worked with a few brands in the past courtesy of Nuffnang, including Twinings Tea, eBay, Eventbrite and RACV and more.

I welcome any and all opportunities to review anything that I might find interesting or think works well with the theme of this blog. So long as you don’t mind the occasional sweary rant (maybe about your product), please feel free to contact me for rates and/or postal info. We can discuss it.

Paid or unpaid, ALL REVIEWS ARE ENTIRELY MY OWN OPINION. No amount of money can make me say nice things about a crappy product. ;)

That being said, unless specifically noted, all products and services reviewed in this blog have been paid for with my own dosh or done voluntarily for funsies.