The Weekly (back to)Bindi – Week 9

Another sort-of selfie with the Bindipuss this evening.

She was just being so cuddly that I didn’t want to move to go get my camera, so I turned the laptop around and this happened: - The Weekly Bindi
“Mmmm… a little to the right…” - The Weekly Bindi
“OMG I LUV DIS LAP!” - The Weekly Bindi
“Waaaaaait a minnit! You’re taking pictures again, aren’t you?”

Oh yes… Yes, I am, Bindi. And we’re only up to week 9.

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2 responses to “The Weekly (back to)Bindi – Week 9”

  1. She is looking very content Ren, aside from the whaaaaattt the last one, great pic’s as always