The Weekly Bindi – Week 7

My cat has a weird habit.

She likes to be with me.

That in itself is not weird but the fact that we’ve got a whole house of beds and couches and open-shelf wardrobes with lots of comfy warm clothes to snuggle into and get hair all over and yet… she chooses to curl up on boxes or plastic bags or guitar amplifiers instead.

I’m in the computer room right now and where is she?

Curled up on the box my new keyboard came in, right behind me. - The Weekly Bindi
Comfortable Cat is Uncomfortably Comfortable.

Both very sweet and infuriating.

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One response to “The Weekly Bindi – Week 7”

  1. All cats are quirky Ren, however Bindi is rather a special one. She is also such a gorgeous looking girl, the deepest soul eyes. As always your photography is fantastic