The Pintester Movement – “Pigs in Mud”

Ok… so I did the Pintesting thing.

For the uninitiated, “pintesting” is actually attempting one or more of the bajillions of things you’ve “pinned” on your Pinterest boards.

These are my Pinterest boards. As you can see, the craft and cookery ones are choccers full of stuff I would like to try.

Anyway, in the spirit of Sonja, “The Pintester‘s”, Pintester Movement*, I joined in by doing this cake which, like a lot of people who’ve seen the original picture all over the web, I’ve been obsessing over.

(*Link will work as of 30th May… or 1st June Aussie time.)

I mean… come on. It’s pigs. In mud. How hard could it be? I’ve always been pretty good at this food crafty stuff. I used to occasionally make marzipan figures for cakes many, many years ago – so maybe I had a little head-start with this one which may or may not be in the true spirit of pintesting, but ANYHOO…

The Night Before.

When I decided to do this, I posted up on my Facebook wall that I wanted to make a cake. Because I don’t really want to put back on too many of the 50kg (~100lb) that I’ve lost over the past couple of years, I also asked if there was anyone local who wanted said cake. Of course the response I received was expected. Naturally lots of people wanted cake. Fortunately I had a friend who’s daughter was turning six five on Tuesday (28th May) so it was perfect for her birthday and I felt a sense of good-deed-ism for inadvertently doing this for a special occasion.

Unfortunately this meant that I HAD to get the cake done well before the Pintester Movement deadline of May 30. EEEEEEEEP! I actually had to get it done to deliver the next day! I say again; EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

So I ran (drove) to the shops and bought everything (most things) that I needed to make the cake.

So the whole process started by looking like this: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Cream and chocolate in a bowl to make ganache.

And I’d already made my first mistake.

See, the recipe called for 300ml cream to 600gm chocolate.

Which stupid blonde made a 1:1 version involving 600ml cream and 600gm chocolate?

Oh yeah. Me.

So whilst I had ganache, it was very runny and I knew that even leaving it sit overnight, it would still be too runny to use on the cake.

So I sent the manbeast out to buy more chocolate. Which he did. And I ended up with a shit-ton of chocolate ganachey goodness as a result because I added another 600gm of chocolate to the bowl. That’s nearly 2kg (4.4lb) of ganache, people!!!!

Next on the agenda was preparing the fondant for making the pigs. I knew I wouldn’t have time for mixing it up the next day so I grabbed some food colouring and went to work massaging the stuff into lovely pinkness.

Insert an inappropriate comment filled with sexual innuendo here. - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Don’t judge me. It was 11pm and what would you do if you were faced with something that was pliable and pink?

Semi-Serious Tip: To get the perfect “piggy” pink, add some apricot colouring to the mix. It tones down the pink and makes it slightly more realistically fleshy coloured.

And then I went to bed.

The Morning Of.

At ridiculous o’clock the next morning, I grabbed all my bits.

This: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

And this: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

And this: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

And this: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Yes, I KNOW I cheated with the store-bought cake but it was a matter of time which I didn’t have.

What I didn’t take pictures of was the green frosting I mixed up to use as grass. But I did that too. You’ll see it soon.

Ok, so once I had gathered everything together, I chopped up my Kitkats. - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement


It really was too early in the morning to be faced with an entire plate of chocolate and wafer yumminess.

No, I didn’t eat any. I couldn’t. Turned out that three family sized Kitkat bars was the EXACT amount of Kitkats I would need to make the mud tub.


Semi-Serious Tip:
Use a hot knife to cut the chocolate into pairs to avoid breakage, otherwise buy a fourth block of Kitkats. Actually, buy a fourth block anyway and EAT THEM.

Ok, so again, I was a bad blogger and didn’t take photos of the entire process, but I smoothed ganache all up the sides of the cake and stuck on my Kitkats, like so: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

The morning was not without it’s casualties. We had breakage. The world nearly ended but ganache to the rescue! - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

See? Can’t even tell it was broken. (Sh’yeah, right.)

So then I made it pretty… - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Using the ribbon not only serves its pretty-fying purposes but also reinforces the structure. So just in case your Kitkats aren’t properly stuckted on or you’re a little heavy handed with the next part of the process, your Kitkat walls won’t come tumbling down.

At this point I spooned in huge globs of ganache to fill the top of the cake… I was going for about 1-2cm thick which was about enough to sink the piggies into. By this stage of the morning the ganache had thickened to a lovely spreadable consistency which meant no seepage through the gaps in the Kitkats. Yay!

Semi-Serious Tip: Make your ganache the day/night before and let it come back to room temperature overnight. Don’t ask questions. Just do it that way! - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

God, give me a spoon.

Oh wait. There’s STILL a shit-ton of ganache left over! - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

…50kg 50kg 50kg 50kg…

I’m ok.

Here’s the bit where if you were looking for step-by-step how to do the pigs, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I was so into making them that I forgot to take pictures along the way. I do have heaps of fondant left over so I can do another blog about it if people want that. In the meantime here are the pigs already situated in their happy sauce: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

It’s time for arty close-ups! - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Funnily enough, the pig’s arse was the hardest bit to get right. It’s still not arsey enough as far as I’m concerned but I needed to move on.

For the finishing touches, I wanted to add some grass and pretty flowers because after all, this WAS intended for a little girl. So I grabbed my green icing and went to town with a piping bag and some flowers. - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

So… now the important comparison part.

This is the original: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement
Translation of original method via “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life”.

And this is mine: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Nailed it!

Oh, if you’re Scandanavian, apparently marzipan pigs mean something. Regardless, I would not recommend eating the pigs. They’re pure, solid sugar. I will not be held responsible for any children (or adults) behaving like felbeasts when the crash comes!

If you want a step-by-step for the cake, take a gander at this video.

24 responses to “The Pintester Movement – “Pigs in Mud””

  1. Holy crap. Thats so cool. I would never have made something so complicated but yours came out BETTER than the original Pin. We used to have this little figurine of a pig sitting in a tub – totally reminds me of that. I wonder what my mom did with it?? Great job! You inspire me to be slightly less lazy. Maybe.

  2. That’s…incredible! You have mad skillz! Those pigs are adorable! That kid is getting an amazing birthday cake – lucky kid!!

  3. Holy cats! That is amazing! You did a brilliant job and I think I like yours better than the original pin, I think it’s the pink tone.

    I am very sad you didn’t get a kitkat though. Those look so good!

  4. This is fantastic! I’m always looking for cake ideas and knowing this one is doable means the wheels in my head are turning, although like you I tend to try and find people to give my baked goods to. :)

  5. OMG!! I love love love this. And you are super funny too! Thanks for sharing.

    • Nah, those were the store-bought ones. “Queen” brand. Not too offensive. If I’d been thinking, it would have been really easy to just pipe on some pink icing.

  6. Totally nailed it! I would love to see how you made your pigs. They’re so cute (especially the arse).

  7. Wow, you have mad cake skills! Seriously, better than the original and what a sweet cake for a little girl :)