Revlon Colorburst – Holy Grail of Matte Red Lipstick!

I found it!

OMG! I found it and it’s perfect.

I finally found the Holy Grail of matte red lippy to suite my skin tone and not make my teeth look yellow. It’s the perfect hue of red with pinkish blue undertones that compliment my odd warm-cold colouring. Thank you, Revlon for your Colorburst Balm collection! It’s so perfect that I spent the afternoon road-testing lipstick instead of getting screenshots for my latest “Saturday Sims” build yesterday. (I’ll do that later in the week.)

I stumbled upon the Revlon Colorburst range a couple of weeks ago at Priceline (our Australian equivalent to CVS in America) and saw the display with all the pretty colours. I am naturally drawn to those sorts of “your lips but better” shades, so I aimed for a pretty mauve-ish-pink-ish-red-ish-brown-ish tone. Yesterday I just happened to be in Chemist Warehouse and saw that they had a full stock of colours on the shelf, so I grabbed two more that had caught my eye; two matte balms and one balm stain.

I love balms – I wear Lucas Pawpaw ointment on my lips all the time and I have Burt’s Bees balms coming out the wahzoo. I prefer tinted balms over lipsticks much of the time because I do get dry lips very often. Balms also tend to be more forgiving in a rushed application and you generally don’t need a lip liner or brush to apply. You get the benefit of colour and conditioned lips at the same time. But sometimes… Sometimes you just want “HELLO! COLOUR!” on your face. Tinted balms are pretty but they really don’t have that intensity.

Not Revlon Colorburst. I was pleased when I did the swatch test but I was a girly-squeal mess when I tried the colours on mah face. The colours were perfect and the texture of the product is silky smooth and light and not at all sticky like lipsticks and lip glosses can be. In fact, I pretty much forgot they were there.

The balm stains aren’t a true “stain”. They do not set on your lips as a stain as they’re sort of an odd mix of balm and gloss. That being said, they do wear very well. The matte balms colour pay-off is brilliant, even coverage and not at all drying! Having said that, I’d recommend conditioning your lips anyway just to avoid any flakies. Both formulas are not sticky at all. They go on so silky smooth and are a pleasure to wear. There’s an oh-so-slight hint of a minty perfume to them and a slight cooling sensation for a few minutes which surprised me but was nice once I got used to it. - Revlon Colorburst Balms
Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in “Adore” (550).

“Adore” (550) was the balm stain that I bought. In the bullet it looks like it would be way too dark. The balm has a dark red-brown hue which actually comes off as a deep orange due to the gold shimmer in the formula. It goes on very sheer. The photo shows a thick coat that’s been blotted and reapplied. Unfortunately the photo I took picks up very little of the goldish shimmer. It’s not overpowering and adds real warmth to the colour. Staying power of the balm stain is pretty good but worked much like any balm or gloss. It didn’t survive one meal though I did not expect it to. - Revlon Colorburst Balms
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Sultry” (225)
Please excuse the wonky toothedness.

“Sultry” (225) is the mauve-ish-red-ish-pink-ish-brown-ish colour that is probably very close to the Pantone Colour of the Year, “Marsala” (which is much nicer than that freakin’ purple rubbish that “Radian Orchid” was) and wore a little darker on my lips than I thought it would when I swatched it in the shop. Either way, I still love it. It’s rich without being “in your face” colourful which makes it a very wearable shade even if you’re very fair like me.

And here ’tis… my Holy Grail… - Revlon Colorburst Balms
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Standout” (250)

No words to describe how happy I am with this shade. It’s perfect. It’s HELLO RED! without making my lips look like a bee-stung mess. As I said at the beginning of this post, it’s that tone which is just right to not have teeth that look really yellow. This is “Standout” (250). I wore this shade for a good five hours straight. The colour did wear away a little bit at the corners of my mouth and faded slightly with wear but it does stay put. You’d need to reapply after a meal as it’s not a stain or similar to Revlon’s 12-hour lipsticks.

I love these to death and want more. I am clearly going to have to start wearing makeup to work so I can justify buying them.

You can get the Colorburst range for between $15.99 and $17.99 from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline.

See the full range on the Revlon website. Tell me which ones to buy next!

**Images taken indoors near a window, no flash.