Rose Garden Nails – Mini-not-quite-a-tutorial Tutorial

So the last time I went to my local plaza, I happened to stroll past one of those make-up clearance pop-up shops that line the corridors. Instantly drawn to the nail polish (because 200+ bottles of polish is never enough), I was rather pleased to see a “3 for $10″ over the Revlon basket and instantly dived in to see if I could find any colours that I liked.

Unfortunately my mother was with me (is that a terrible thing to say?) and she banned me from buying my usual “disgusting, murky colours!” and went digging around too to help me look. In the end, I got a lovely handful of polishes that weren’t too “murky” for Mum’s liking, including a green which she had picked up. I wasn’t sold on it  when looking at the bottle but considering how cheap it was, I didn’t mind grabbing it.

As it turned out, Revlon Colorstay nail polish in “Bonsai” (#230) is an extremely understated and very pretty green! It’s a yellow-based green which is helped along and given a lot of depth by a lovely gold shimmer. The formula is thin but workable and opaque in two thin coats.

As much as I loved the green on my nails, I wanted to do something a little different and decided to take the leap into nail art. My mother always says she wants my nails to be more colourful…

Whadya reckon? Did she get her wish? - Rose Garden Nails (Mini tutorial)

How did I do this?

Stuff you need:

  • Base and top coat polish of your choice. I used (and highly recommend) Revlon Quick Dry base coat and Out The Door top coat.
  • Base nail polish colour. I used Revlon Colorstay in “Bonsai”.
  • Some acrylic paints in green and three tones of whatever colour you want your roses to be. I used dark green and a light and dark pink which I also mixed to make a mid-tone pink.
  • Some thin nail art brushes, nail polish pens or super fine detail paint brushes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure nails are clean of moisture and oils by running a cotton pad soaked in polish remover over them.
  2. Apply one coat of fast-drying base coat to your nails.
  3. Once the base coat is dry, apply the background nail polish. Let dry for 10 minutes and then apply your top coat and let dry completely.
  4. Grab your acrylic paints and brushes (or in my case, the manbeast’s model-painting paints and brushes – teehee) and set up a little drop of each on a bit of foil or a plastic plate. You may or may not need to thin the paint a little bit if it’s gloopy and not runny.
  5. Take your darkest flower colour and paint some roundy blob shapes over your nail. Depending on the size of your nail and the size of the flowers, I’d aim for at least two or three. Let those dry.
  6. Grab your lightest flower colour and draw in little “C” shapes that gradually radiate outwards to the outer edges of the rose.
  7. Repeat with a couple strokes of your mid-tone colour just to add a little more depth and detail to the roses. This step is optional, though.
  8. Grab your green paint and dab in some leaf shapes leading out from the roses.
  9. Once your roses and leaves are completely dry, go over with a fast-drying top coat to seal in the design and protect it.


  • If you’re having trouble painting your roses, watch this very simple tutorial on Youtube.
  • You can use nail polish for the flowers if you like, however acrylic paints (just your normal craft paint stuff) comes off with water so if you make a mistake you can just wipe off with a wet cotton bud and try the flowers again rather than pull out the polish remover and start from scratch.
  • Don’t load your brush when painting in the details for the roses. You only need a touch of paint.
  • Practice doing some roses with your non-dominant hand on paper first before attempting on your nails, it will make the process easier.

The Weekly (back to)Bindi – Week 9

Another sort-of selfie with the Bindipuss this evening.

She was just being so cuddly that I didn’t want to move to go get my camera, so I turned the laptop around and this happened: - The Weekly Bindi

“Mmmm… a little to the right…” - The Weekly Bindi

“OMG I LUV DIS LAP!” - The Weekly Bindi

“Waaaaaait a minnit! You’re taking pictures again, aren’t you?”

Oh yes… Yes, I am, Bindi. And we’re only up to week 9.

The Weekly (not)Bindi – Week 8


I don’t have a picture of the Bindiboo for the last week. Fear not, she is alive and well. It’s just that I took a selfie on the laptop with Dugite and.. well.. I had to share, didn’t I?

So this is The Weekly Bindi – NOT Bindi edition. - The Weekly Bindi

“You can’t be serious…?” - The Weekly Bindi

“Are we done yet?”

Let’s just say that Unimpressed Cat was uninpressed with your selfies.

The Weekly Bindi – Week 7

My cat has a weird habit.

She likes to be with me.

That in itself is not weird but the fact that we’ve got a whole house of beds and couches and open-shelf wardrobes with lots of comfy warm clothes to snuggle into and get hair all over and yet… she chooses to curl up on boxes or plastic bags or guitar amplifiers instead.

I’m in the computer room right now and where is she?

Curled up on the box my new keyboard came in, right behind me. - The Weekly Bindi

Comfortable Cat is Uncomfortably Comfortable.

Both very sweet and infuriating.

Mini Foodie Tour of Trentham & Daylesford

Ok, so we actually went for this little trip in March but it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to play on my new computer to blog about ALL THE THINGS.

It started off one Friday evening with me saying “I don’t want to spend all day on the computer tomorrow…”

Oh, the irony.

To which the Manbeast replied, “Well, what would you like to do?”

To which I replied, “I have no idea!”

To which he replied, “That’s not very helpful!”

And so it continued, with me looking up all the farmers markets or events in the usual places we like to go, only to find out that they were happening either the week before or the week after our intended visit. Much annoyance. Eventually the Manbeast got fed up with the to-ing and fro-ing over where to go and decided to make the decision for us and surprise me with a trip to Somewhere.

As it turned out, Somewhere turned out to be a little foodie tour of our favourite country spots, Trentham and Daylesford and some of the surrounding areas in the Hepburn Shire.

So our first (and longest) stop was in Trentham and wouldn’t you know it? There was a farmers market on.

So while we listened to the fun music…

… we shopped. And we bought food… - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

Real peanut butter made with real peanuts. Giant cookies and cured gourmet meats… Omnom!

What I didn’t take pictures of was the jerky and the home-made raspberry jam that we also bought. Hand-made and local produce really is the best.

But then I found a stall selling shortbread. Real shortbread. Made by real hands in a real home kitchen that’s probably much neater than mine…

Look at the magnificence that is the shortbread: - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

The shortbread shortly after I got it home… Yes, there is a piece missing. Call it ARTISTIC LICENSE. And I was hungry. - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

Another gratuitous shortbread shot. Drool. Oh, the flakey goodness. More drool.

Our food adventures weren’t to stop there as the Manbeast was also taking me somewhere nice for brunch. And as it turned out, we were going to Redbeard Bakery.


This is my new favourite place, ever.

The food… ALL THE FOOD!

Seriously, it’s a lovely little cafe bakery with a great range of produce to buy and goods to devour on the spot. - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

Redbeard Bakery

But the highlight of brunch, and indeed the entire day out was this, the Vanilla Slice. - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

Behold, the custardy goodness! Yes, I attacked it before I took a photo of it. I couldn’t help myself.

I had an existential moment over this vanilla slice.

Or it might have been an orgasm.

I’m not sure which.

It was bloody good, though.

After recovering from the vanilla slice moment, the Manbeast whisked me off to a few more places (which fortunately had nothing to do with food as I was extremely full by this stage) but I will save those images for another time.

Now, one cannot go to Daylesford without visiting the Chocolate Mill. All year round (except February), the Chocolate Mill is a must-go destination for those who love good Belgian chocolate. And they have a great little cafe that does the nicest hot chocolates.

Our recommendation is the dark chocolate for hot chocolates. It’s the yummest by far. - Trentham & Daylesford Food Tour

The Manbeast “posing” with his chocolate… and the sign to more chocolate… which I ate most of before thinking to take another picture. I suck as a food blogger.

So if you’ve made it all the the way to the end without drowning your keyboard in drool, tell me what you think! Do you know any other places (in Victoria) worth a visit to go and stuff my face at?

I’ve already got a certain chocolate factory in the Yarra Valley on my list…

The Weekly Bindi – Week 6 - The Weekly Bindi

Watching the birdies from the couch.

So, we had a bit of a scare this week.

On Wednesday evening after popping in on Mum on the way home from work, I was greeted by a scene out of a horror movie.

Pools of very bloody bile everywhere.

It seems that Bindi’s tummy irritation flared up in a huge way again and she had thrown up all over the house.

My little Bindipuss wasn’t quite herself. She was wandering around the place looking a bit off. No winding figure eights around my ankles trying to trip me up as I walked down the hallway. No trying to herd me towards the food bowl. No noise.

It was the “no noise” bit that worried me the most. Anyone who knows Bindi knows she is a vocal cat when it comes to when she thinks it’s dinner time (aka ALL THE TIME) so for her to be near silent and not begging for food? Was not good.

Upset, I wandered around and cleaned up all the mess, getting increasingly distressed as I found each new puddle – the next one slightly bloodier than the last. I could track her movements through the house.

So the next day we were off to the vet for a new round of investigations and ended up bringing her home again with some new meds which, while they had the advantage of settling her nausea, also totally killed her appetite and even will to drink anything. I had to force-feed her water with a syringe to make sure she stayed hydrated because I wasn’t about to let a repeat of the near disaster of two years ago happen again. Three more days of this and I couldn’t take it so Saturday morning I took her back to the vet and cried “TELL ME WHAT’S WRONG WITH HER!”

He couldn’t really give me an answer – the little shit of an animal was, by all outward appearances, fit as a fiddle. She didn’t even have a temperature. So of course the vet was looking at me as if saying, “Woman, you are wasting my time” while going through the motions of telling me everything that he didn’t think was wrong with her. In the end we mutually agreed to take her off the medication (with the exception of the gel for her hyperthyroid) and see if her appetite came back. So long as she wasn’t throwing up anymore, she was in no danger of expiring.

Sure enough, a day later and with no extra meds in her system, she’s now picking at food and getting noisy again.

The relief is, of course, short-lived. Noisy Bindi is very, very annoying.

But I’ll still take Noisy Bindi over Scarily Quiet Bindi any day. - The Weekly Bindi

“Are you really gonna take more photos, Mum? I. Don’t. Think. So.”

And since she was posing so nicely, I managed to get another nice shot of Dugite before she decided to go “Nope, nope, nope” and wander off again. - The Weekly Bindi

This cat always looks like she’s thinking “Fuck you, human.”

Bead Soup Blog Party 2014 – The Big Reveal

Well after a week’s delay, here we have the results of my Bead Soup.

And… It’s not finished!

*hangs head in shame*

At least not finished in the way I’d like it to be, even though I kind of love it the way it is. Alas and alack, I realised too late that I didn’t have the bits I needed to finish it the way I wanted to and due to issues like me being unwell and the cat being crook, it just didn’t come together as planned. However I did stick with my initial design and went for simplicity. Peruzi beads really do speak for themselves and I didn’t want to take away too much attention from them by adding too much in the way of embellishments.

I will definitely be updating this necklace in the coming days so I can show what I REALLY had in mind for it, but for now I’m happy.

My necklace with beads and focal by Peruzi Beads

My necklace with beads and focal by Peruzi Beads

You can find the complete list of participants for the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party right here!

You can see the absolutely magnificent job my BSBP partner, Tracy, did with the beads I sent her right here! She’s done an amazing job and made some stunning jewellery with what I sent her.

Just in case you need a reminder, this is what I sent Tracy: - Bead Soup Blog Party 2014

Bead set, connector and toggle by Peruzi, Swarovski crystals in Fire Opal and Padparadscha, and a strand of purple toned Czech crystas=ls.