Finding a Voice

Every time I watch this clip, I get the chills.

You knew she was the winner the moment she opened her mouth.  And of course, she thrashed the competition soundly.  This was one of the few “realty” television shows I kept an eye on. Seal’s reaction to Karise was amazing and brought tears to my eyes. I think that, apart from the first 30 seconds of the clip where she starts singing and blows all the judges minds in one fell swoop, is my favourite bit.

He does it again while she’s singing “Stay With Me Baby”…

(Though I am of the honest opinion that the person who put the poor girl in that dress should be fucked and burned. It is HORRIBLE. ANYWAY…)

Her first single absolutely blew me away…

Capsicum Egg Rings

Please don’t think I am stealing anyone’s thunder – I’ve had these photos sitting on my computer for a few weeks now.

Ever since I saw this:

Image from

… I knew I had to try it.

Because I love fried eggs.

Hell, I love any eggs.

Eggs are ambrosia to me.

And this idea was too cute not to try out.


I did this:

Eggs with Bell Pepper/Capsicum Onion Rings -

Then I did this:

Eggs with Bell Pepper/Capsicum Onion Rings -

And ended up with this!

Eggs with Bell Pepper/Capsicum Onion Rings -

Comments about my dirty stove top will be STUDIOUSLY IGNORED.

(And for the Weight Watchers – the ProPoints value of this is 7pp. 6 for the eggs and 1 for the salad dressing.)

New Directions

Last night I re-wrote my About Me page.

Then I started thinking… what the hell do I want for this blog anyways?

I’ve come to realise I will never be one of those sorts of bloggers that churns out giveaways and do sponsored blog reviews for money. I’m not a mad crafter, a rampant Christian, or fashionable enough to be a fashion blogger. I’m not part of the “mommy/mummy” set so I do NOT identify with women who have a bajillion ankle-biting sprogs and feel the need to write about how awesome they are at parenting all whilst praising Jesus and creating wall art with paper mache and melted Crayolas.

I like people who are as snarky, foul-mouthed and irreverent as I am.

And I would totally do the pin-testing thing but I’ve been beaten to the punchline by Pintester. (AWESOME funny blog, that.)

So… yeah. I’m returning to normal Ren posting. I’ll do my weekly “pinteresting” blogs because they’re fun, and my Sunday memes, and the occasional bloghop… but I’ll be concentrating on Ren stuff. Life, love, obsessions, pets, photography, art, writing, and me. This is all shit that made me happy. I’ll still be a part of Nuffnang because opportunities through them are pretty fun. And of course I love reviewing stuff, even if it’s stuff I have personally bought.

But yes. Getting back to me now.

Me, me, me!

Big Sky -

And you can get the above image as prints or cards or posters at Redbubble:

Big Sky, mounted/framed print -

Lurking in Melbourne: The Writing’s on the Wall

Union Lane, just off Bourke Street.

Much of the fantastic graffiti which I photographed some months ago has been covered by taggers and rubbishy vandalism. There hasn’t been much of an update for a while, it seems. Having said that, there’s a section of wall that shows a lot of little scribbles from people passing through. Some of them are funny, some of them are heartbreaking, some are poignant, and most are just rude.

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Don't Count the Days

Don’t count the days.
Make the days count.

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - You Suck

Yep. And some days I feel it too.

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Fist Me Maybe?

Hey I just met you… and this is crazy…
But here’s my number…

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Sometimes...

This made me stop. Normally my eyes would start bleeding at the rampant abuse of the written word but…

“You know sometimes, more often than not, I think about dying.”

“Fight off your demons. Write songs in your sleep. We love you. We miss you. I love you so much that it hurts my head.”

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Saved the world?

Did he?

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Street Art in Melbourne

If you’re an Instagram user and love Melbourne… (And don’t think I missed the juxtaposition of the “Fuck off” with my watermark.)

Lurking In Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Tumblr

Follow the tumblr!  Consider this a free ad.  PEACELOVEHAPPINESS.

Tell ’em Renlish sent ya.

Lurking in Melbourne: The Writing's on the Wall - Seeya!


Shenanigans of the Faithful

Just a pre-warning to my more sensitive viewers… There is content here that involves swearing.

And perhaps some inappropriate jokes and pictures.


I don’t do politics. I don’t do religion. I hate both with a passion… so much so that I avoid overtly faithful blogs – even though they might have KILLER recipes for stuff like ginger cookies and lemon meringue pies. (Damn you, Pinterest!)

But I am so disturbed by what’s happening in the world at the moment with those of the Islamic faith that remaining silent on the issue is killing me. It’s particularly worrisome when you’ve got a mate who works for the American Embassy as a consulate official. No, not in those areas of the Middle East where people have recently been murdered but all the same, she’s at an American consulate and therefore a target of much hatred depending on who’s looking. And she’ll be staying with me for two weeks come Sunday morning. Yay!

(Though the bitch’s plane gets in at SPARROWS BUTTCRACK OF DAWN O’CLOCK! Not happy, Allison.)

Anyhoo… a riot happened in Sydney’s CBD on Saturday… a mob of Angry Muslims(TM) took to the street, declaring a jihad on anyone who didn’t support the Islamic faith and death to the person who created some ridiculous video on Youtube.

Look, I have never really had a problem with anyone wanting to live in this country. You can be from whatever race and creed and I’ll happily support you.

I’ve only ever had a few requirements for newbie citizens…

Read more

Kitty Shenanigans


“Psst.  Come here!  Look.”


“What?  What, what, what?  Is it something I can eat?”


“Shuddup knucklehead.  Look.  She’s typing.”


“It’s late.  Why’s she typing?  I’m hungry.”


“You’re always hungry.  She’s got bare legs.”


“She’s almost as fuzzy as we are!  I’m still hungry.  Is there anything on her desk I can eat?”


“Do you always have to think with your stomach?”


“Can’t help it.  I’m hungry.”


“Hush, you’re making too much noise. And stop whining about food.  Watch this!”

“AAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!  Dugite! You little shit! That hurt!”


“Heehee!  Nice work!”


“I know.  It’s all in the wrist.”


“Impeccable execution. Think it’ll scar?”


“How barbaric.  My scratches never scar.”

Sunday Stealing, September 16, 2012

Good morning. I’m still in bed, the manbeast is asleep beside me. The cats have been fed and they’re relatively quiet.  I’m sure to get a call from my mother asking if I want to take a drive to Costco today – she’s on the hunt for Crisco which is kinda hard to find in Australia – so I thought I would do a Sunday Stealing to start my day.

Apparently there were 88 questions to this particular SS. Hmmm. Must’ve missed that bit.

69. Song you’re thinking of right now?
Jar of Hearts.  This version:

70. Want someone back in your life?
Yeah, I do. But I think we’ve sort of outgrown one another. It’s been kind of hard to let go of him. We were friends for a long time and it was one of those relationships where you could pick up right where you left off, no matter if it had been a week or six months. But six months eventually turned into a few years and being on different continents makes even touching base hard. I miss him, dearly. I think we both left indelible marks on each other. I can’t listen to The Cure without thinking about him.

It hurts to listen to The Cure.

71. Will tomorrow be better than today?
Tomorrow I will apply for five jobs and contact three agencies. It will be better than today.

72. What’s the color of the underwear you are wearing?
Black. It’s usually always black. Except when it’s red.

73. Who was the first best friend that you ever had?
My first ever best friend that I remember was Tanya. She was six months older than I and as such, she ended up being a year ahead of me in primary school due to the way the age system worked – she turned five in the first half of the year whereas I turned five in the latter which meant I had to start the year after her. Grr. Primary school was a real pain, particularly when they separated the senior classes (grades three and up) from the junior classes (grades 2 and down) into two different yards at lunchtime and recess. She and I both dreaded the year that she got into grade three. We would try to play in the little area between the yards but unfortunately that was right in line with the staff room so any teacher coming out of there would catch us and send us on our separate ways. I have no idea why they wouldn’t allow us to play together. Anyway, it was better when I finally got to grade three… but grade two was the longest year of my life.

74. How do you react when someone disappoints you?
I internalise a lot. I’ll rationalise, give them the benefit of the doubt, try to shrug it off. It does depend on the situation. Sometimes I can’t go the “oh well” route. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I cry.

75. Is there anyone who understands your sexuality?
Hell, I don’t think *I* understand my sexuality sometimes. I’m bi. That’s enough, I suppose.

76. Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced?
Unfortunately a lot of my happiness is forced. Fake it until you make it, right? I don’t like it but it’s better than constantly upsetting people by showing how unhappy you are sometimes.

77. Is there anyone you wish would fall in love with you?
Ray Stevenson? Hugh Jackman? Heston Blumenthal? Keanu Reeves?

78. What do you wear when you sleep?
Usually a t-shirt and trackies in the winter. In summer… nothin’ but a sheet. Daring.

79. Are you obsessed with something right now?

80. The first person you loved is?
Depends on the love we’re talking about. In all cases, I am not sure.

81. Something terrible happened with you?
Not worth mentioning here.

82. You are locked up with your celebrity crush for days, what happens?
He realises I am undeniably sexy and cannot keep his hands off me. We go all National Geographic.

83. If you could wish something, what would it be?
I wish I could win enough money just to pay off the mortgage. I am not greedy.

84. Ever try to force someone to do something?
LOL I have a younger sister. Of course I did.

85. When you are alone, what do you think about?
What I am doing with my life and how it’s not turned out at all like I thought it would.

86. How was your first sex?
Odd question. And my “first sex” was painful – but not in the way you’re thinking. -.-

87. What’s your favorite music genre?
I don’t have one. I have very, very eclectic tastes. I find songs that I enjoy and tend to listen to those over and over again. I can listen to the same handful of songs for years before I will find some others. Right now I’m lovinng Owl City’s Fireflies… and that was released in 2009.

88. Are you happy I only wrote 88 questions?
I’m happy I didn’t have to answer all 88 of them.

Mighty Me

Posted on my Weight Watchers blog on July 31st, 2012…





No I shan’t mention that in the race I had today I totally got my butt whipped. I’m still a champion.

Here’s the story…

Because you totally knew there would be a story because, hey, this is me you’re reading.

I got to the gym today after having regrouped from the little incident that happened during yesterday’s session with the B!tch Twins (yes, they now have a name) and decided to shake up my routine a bit and do something a touch harder than just the treadmill.

I looked at the crosstrainer.

It looked back at me.

I glared at the crosstrainer.

It glared back at me.

I narrowed my eyes at the crosstrainer.

The crosstrainer was all “C’mon, you ain’t got the cojones to start on me today. Go for a stroll on Mr Treadmill over there, princess…”

And I was all, “OH NO YOU DI’INT!

(Like my impression of a black drag queen?  Am I stereotyping? Oops.)

I punched 30 minutes into that sucker, on a moderately difficult setting (because going hard into the unknown is a bad thing, y’all) and hopped on.

20 minutes later I was dying, legs burning, hands clinging desperately to the grips, reps dropping below 60rpm…

Dammit, the crosstrainer was winning.

I was cowed. Beaten by a mostly inanimate object with an attitude.

Epic fail.

But not quite.  Salvation was at hand.

“Don’t stop,” I hear beside me.

Looking to my left, I discovered The Grunter doing his thing on the crosstrainer next to mine. And he was whipping that thing’s ass!

Huhn?”  Me, eloquent always.

Don’t stop!

Now, dear reader, I love hearing those words from a man, but in a completely different scenario… possibly one that involves leather handcuffs and vanilla custard…

I was despairing. “But…”

“C’mon,” he says, leaning to look at my screen,  “You got 10 more minutes. So do I. Let’s see how far you can get.”

Me, out loud: “Um, ‘kay….”


But I did it.  I got my reps back up to above 70rpm and stayed there, even when the program started to increase the incline again.  For 10 solid minutes The Grunter and I were heads down, throwing our all in on those machines.  I was going at a snail’s pace compared to him and got most of a kilometer in distance whereas I think he might have smashed out another six, but hey… I’ve never had so much fun losing a race before.

Why am I happy about it?

Because 18 months ago, I couldn’t manage five minutes on 0 incline and level 2 resistance.

Today I managed, for the first time ever, to go a full 30 minutes on an incline that was anywhere between 10 and 40 on level 4.

Without stopping once.

Yep.  I’m a champion today.


Am I Ok? R U OK?

RUOK DayThis finding a new job stuff is tough. The hours you put into writing resumes and cover letters may as well be a full-time job all on it’s own.

I’ve been unemployed for a touch over two months now and I will confess it worries me. The money I got from my redundancy will not last forever and there’s been a few rather costly situations come up which has resulted in the money lasting even less time than expected. I had plans for much of it. I had hoped to be employed again by now so I could take advantage of those plans but unfortunately it’s not happening for me. I simply cannot find anything I would like to do or when I do find something I invariably end up being not the right candidate for the job – for whatever lame reason the prospective employer can think up.

I want to change careers but it’s difficult to do so when you’re boxed in by previous experience. My first job was an accident that evolved into something that I just settled into for seven years – that being dealing with lawyers and their passive aggressive PAs on the phone, assisting them with obtaining the necessary documents for property conveyancing …or realty, as it might be called in the states, if I have that right… please correct me if not.

When I was made redundant from that job, I had the good fortune of having a contact who put me in touch with a recruitment lady who had dealt with a lot of folk from the office and she placed with me with my next job, as an administration officer working for a superannuation company. I got that because they were willing to let a newbie have a go. Of course that role grew and evolved with the years and I managed a pretty sweet deal for myself in terms of pay – but not experience. I could say that I was a senior administrator in the end but really, I was just the lackey of the team leaders. I wasn’t allowed to be a senior because they wouldn’t let go enough to let me do what the job entailed. I missed out on a lot of promised training that never eventuated as well and only barely managed to get the standard qualification that’s necessary to work in finance these days in time before my end date came along.

In the time that I was with that company, I had also done a graphic design course which was, frankly, abysmal and I still feel like I don’t have the skills to do anything with it.

This is where I am lost at the moment. I know just enough of a lot to be knowledgeable but not actually useful in any particular profession.

I don’t know where to go from here. I really don’t. I’d love to get out of the bloody awful, dry office environment. If I could do admin stuff from home I most happily would because then I’d have the company of my cats and dog and not a bunch of people I have to resign myself to putting up with. I’d love to do something new. Childcare was and still is an interest of mine. But then so is being a make-up artist.

I was told by a nice lady that I was only 33, “still a baby trying to figure out what you’re going to be when you grow up” and yes, while I do indeed feel that way… I know that I am a 33 year-old who still needs to get a job.

Am I ok?

Yes. For the moment. It gets me down but it’s not soul destroying. My husband and family are there for me. There is nothing that can happen to us that we can’t build ourselves back up from.

But some people have it tougher than I…

So now maybe it might be time to ask someone you know going through some trouble…