Doodly Doodles

Doodled again this weekend. Twice actually, though I wont put the first one up as I think it sucks.

This is a … Thing.

Space compass? Astrology chart? Symbol of some alien deity?

I was listening to an episode of Star Trek (TNG) as I was drawing. - Doodle

What are this?

This video was the inspiration:

I love Peter’s work.

I started with a circle…

BEDIA: Day 11 – Earliest Memory

To be honest my earliest memory is not a a good one, therefore I am not going to write about it because, well… no one needs to see that shit.

So here’s a couple of pretty things that I’ve recently worked on. Enjoy… - Tarra-Bulga National Park, Victoria, Australia

A fantasy edit of a photograph I took in the Tarra-Bulga National Park located in Victoria, Australia. - Wind in the Willows, Ratties Cottage

I am a “Wind in the Willows” freak… this is an interpretation of Rattie’s cottage. Done on one of my own photographs again in the rainforests of the Tarra-Bulga National Park.

Both of these are available as prints in my Redbubble store. Feel free to have a look!

Brought to you as part of the “Blog Every Day in August” challenge.

Music Box - Music Box

What do you see,
You people gazing at me?
You see a doll on a music box
That’s wound by a key…

Earlier today I was approached by a young German composer with a request to set my image to one of his own creations. I was delighted and of course let him use the picture as his cover art.

As it turns out, the image and the music fit beautifully together.

Goodnight, Goodnight… Parting is such sweet – ARRRRGGH!

This is the last thing I am looking at before going to bed. Smart girl, am I.

It literally gave me nightmares the night I got the blending right.

I am such a wuss.

Anyway, it was supposed to be a realistic sugar skull and a bit of a practice piece doing this sort of blending. I might attempt in in a few months time when I’m over working on the trauma of the image as it stands thus far.

Not Quite a Zombie -

I followed the walk-through on SurrealPSD… over here.

Oh How Pinteresting… Photoshop Action Phun

For those who know me, that I love-love-love Photoshop is no big secret. I love that hulking program of confuzzlement.

Lightroom-schmiteroom! Photoshop is where it’s at, baby!

Here are a few of my favourite Photoshop actions, all conveniently pinned for your enjoyment!







Source: via Erin on Pinterest



Maralianna Logo Design Collaboration

A few months ago my friend Tam of Things That Make You Go Nom, who is also a kickass photographer (and the person responsible for the beautiful profile picture of me on my About page) asked for a bit of a hand in creating a new logo for her new business card.

I was all too willing to help.

She’d run some designs past me before but I will admit that whilst I am a fledgling graphics designer (became qualified in 2010), I am by no means artistically inclined. Even though I do enjoy the process of logo design, my bent leans more towards retouching, typesetting, packaging and stationery. Tam wanted something that was a little more fanciful than what I could come up with personally and she is a wonderful artist herself, she fiddled around and finally settled on a beautiful monogram logo with her signature lotus flower., Collaborative Logo Design -

Gorgeous, aye?

Well, it fell to me to bring the lovely artwork into the digital realm and I had a heck of a lot of fun doing so. All hail Adobe Illustrator!

The design needed to be changed somewhat as the whole thing needed to be squished into what was eventually less than a 2×2 inch space and it needed to be legible. So the M became solid, the lotus was simplified just a little and the borders squared up., Collaborative Logo Design -

And yes, I used Trajan Pro for the font… graphic designer faux pas, but I liked it. More to the point, so did Tam.

She will never end up on Clients from Hell.

Thanks Tam, for the opportunity to help out with that. Collaborative design at this level is great fun.

Photo Updatery

Oh wow, almost a whole month and no new posts.

Things have been extremely busy. I’ve made new friends, I go to training every Saturday morning and get my arse kicked by my personal trainer. I will be going to gym through the week too (as soon as I get my schedule sorted), Bronagh is taking up a LOT of time too – still trying to figure the puppy out.  But she is very cute.  I’ve also been taking photos of all and sundry so…


Here you go…

Captivating Kaz


The Sister

Janet - A Sketch