Bead Soup Blog Party, 2014 – The Soup Reveal!

I’ve been meaning to post about this for the last week but life’s been a bit…


Meh. Just meh.

… for a while.

But on the bright side life…

Bright Side of Life

Yes. I totally went there.

I signed up for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party for 2014. This year is a little different – because of Lori’s poor health she decided that there would be only one day to sign up and one single creation reveal day so there is going to be one massive blog hop coming up in a few weeks. No sweat for me! Loved it last year.

This year I’ve been partnered up with fellow Aussie, Tracy Stillman from Bead Trilogy. Tracy does some pretty nifty work with seedies and we have a favourite bead creator in common, that being Natalie of the wonderful Peruzi who makes the most amazing ceramic and stoneware focals and bead sets. She’s a favourite Australia-wide for those with a leaning into the eclectic style. Tracy features a lot of Natalie’s work so it just made sense that we were both drawn to Peruzi when creating our soups.

This was the soup that I sent Tracy: - Bead Soup Blog Party 2014

Bead set, connector and toggle by Peruzi, Swarovski crystals in Fire Opal and Padparadscha, and a strand of purple toned Czech crystas=ls.

I went for colour with this year’s soup and picked all the stuff that I loved but wouldn’t necessarily use myself (I’m a blues and greens and neutrals sort of girl). I’ve had the swaros forever but when I realised that they matched the Peruzi beads so perfectly I had to throw them in as well.

Not to be outdone, Tracy sent me a great Peruzi package of her own: - Bead Soup Blog Party 2014

Peruzi beads and focal.

Yay! Neutrals! I love these. I have no idea what to do with them, I might have to pull out some of my other Peruzis and make one big Peruzi extravaganza. I’m not used to working with such large focals at all so it will be interesting! Fortunately I have some beautiful leather coming from my pal, Annette Piper and I think I’ll continue the neutral colour pallet with some pearls… the only thing that’s throwing me is the gold clasp! I don’t do gold!

But hey, last year I said I didn’t do copper and look what happened.

Hehe. Stay tuned for the reveal on May 3rd.

White noise and pretty jewels.

Honestly, I feel so much better when I am able to create something. Whether it’s a necklace or editing a photograph or doodling on a page. Much of the time when I don’t have a job to do, my thoughts lead me down dangerous, slightly morbid paths. I have a fairly extreme imagination when I am depressed and sometimes it gets the better of me. It’s why whenever I feel bored I start to feel incredibly unsettled. I start thinking about Things™ and I don’t particularly like thinking about Things™. Doing these little crafty bits gives me a focus and allows me to create a beautiful white noise that consists of nothing but pure concentration on the task at hand. And usually by the end I have something nice to show for it.

Anyway, that’s just a long-assed way of explaining that I MADE SOMETHING this weekend. - Green Orchid - Green Orchid

And just for shits and giggles, this is something I started throwing together today… and it’s literally still in its “thrown together” state, because that’s how I roll, yo. - Serene WIP

And I don’t think I ever showed it on the blog but I had my first go at bead embroidery a little while back and the results turned out pretty nice, if you ask me: - Red Earth - Red Earth

To be honest, I think my seed bead curiosity has been sated with this first and probably last piece (at least for a while) but I love how it turned out and the stone is pretty fabulous.

And lastly, I’ve signed up again for the Pretty Things Blog Bead Soup Blog Party for 2014! 2013 was lots of fun and my partner for that hop turned out to be a lovely, sweet lady who I got along with very well so I thought I’d put my hand up for the challenge. Can’t wait to see what I get. I’ve already arranged my “blog soup” for my prospective partner.

I love it when a plan comes together… in a steampunkish kind of way.

Be warned, this is somewhat long-winded.

But since when have I ever been short-winded?

Back in July, one of my good friends surprised me with a request to be her best girl at her wedding.

She said “Steampunk!”

I said, “Hells YEAH!”

Well, it wasn’t an actual steampunk wedding as such, it was more of an east-meets-west-carnival-type thing. Our bride, a lovely Russian girl (complete with that accent that seems to make any level-headed male melt into a puddle of goo), was planning on being a Russian gypsy. Her husband-to-be was a dapper English gentleman sort…

It really has the hallmarks of a typical romance novel, eh?

So we were set for an awesome February, late 1800s New Orleans-esque Steampunky type wedding carnival.

Except for one little hitch.

The bride was pregnant and would already be a mum come March 2014. So clearly there was suddenly way less time for everything because this wedding needed to happen before the “little monster” hatched into the world.

Due to a plethora of other reasons, a lot of thinking about the wedding after this point was put on hold but a couple months out we finally got our crap together and went on a shopping trip to find some inspiration and some clothes for me to wear. Unlucky on that day, I started to worry. Where in hell would I get a costume worthy of a wedding? A little under two months out from the day, I didn’t have time to order from my favourite online steampunk shops.

At a loss, I looked through my cupboards to see if there was something that I could fashion into some sort of a costume.

Unfortunately due to the fact that I am several sizes smaller than I used to be, most of the clothes I remembered having which would have been helpful for steampunkery had already gone to “good will” at least 18 months before. Alas and alack, all I found was a grotty old skirt (that was too big for me) which I had meant to put on ebay ages ago.

It was clearly not enough on it’s own but I figured I could do something with it. Maybe. After a bit more fiddling around and looking up steampunk reference picture after steampunk reference picture, I figured out that I could build the costume in layers – and I think that really is the key to good steampunk fashion. It’s all in the layers.

Kinda like dressing for Melbourne weather.

So using the skirt as a jumping point, I started searching for corsets (because corsets go with steampunk like tomato sauce goes with meat pies) and found this “sleeved” number at Angels and Divas who provided very good customer service, I might add, when I asked them a question about sizing.

So then we had this: - Steampunk Costume Creation

Ignore the mess behind me! And yes, my bra is stripy.

A little more tavern wench than steampunk at this point, I know. But the ideas were forming! Unfortunately they were forming in ways that I had no idea how to recreate.

So… at a loss, I went to the Stitches and Craft Show here in Melbourne and bought a most excellent book called “Steampunk Your Wardrobe”: - Steampunk Costume Creation

Steampunk Your Wardrobe, by Calista Taylor

The projects in the book centre around re-purposing old clothes and basic stitchery to create steampunk fashion, it’s bare-bones stuff but it was what I needed to cobble together the rest of my ideas to form my outfit. I knew I wanted a shirt to go beneath the corset and an underskirt so that I could bustle up the brown skirt into some sort of Victorian-esque masterpiece.

The only real problem was that I really don’t sew. Really. I don’t own a sewing machine and my hand-stitching doesn’t go beyond darning socks and stitching buttons back on.

So who ya gunna call?


Yes, mum to the rescue!

Mum was awesome and calmly suggested that we go to Spotlight (the Aussie version of shops like Joanne’s and Michael’s, except sucky by comparison) and look at patterns and see if we can come up with any new ideas for the outfit. In the end, we picked out a couple of Simplicity patterns: - Steampunk Costume Creation

Simplicity pattern – 4046 Misses Costumes. The pattern is actually a dress, however we cut it off at the waist as it was going under the corset I was wearing.

…and… - Steampunk Costume Creation

Simplicity 5006 Misses Costumes, Misses Lingerie

A warning about the above patterns – if you’re new to the whole sewing bizznizz, do find someone with a little experience to help you decipher the pattern instructions. They are not very clear and for a complete newbie they may be mind-boggling – unless you’re a natural adept at sewing in which case I’ll shut up and let you figure it out.


For the underskirt we chose a basic black satin and added some lace around the edging and for the shirt I chose a lovely warm beige (as white would have been too stark) lace material with a matching cotton to line the bodice. Following the instructions from my new book, mum and I bustled my brown skirt into the aforementioned Victorian-esque masterpiece and then made the underskirt and shirt based on the patterns we bought.

Of course, while all of this stitching fun was going on, I went looking for accessories.

Because what is steampunk without a hat, AMIRITE?

Well, I found one. - Steampunk Costume Creation

Beautiful steampunk mini top hat by Corinne of ChikiBird.

I died. Well, not really, but after a week of staring at this thing, I bought it. Couldn’t help myself. Corinne makes the most sublime fascinator hats and mico mini hats. The level of detail in them is exquisite and I totally recommend her. I had my hat arrive from the States to Melbourne within days. Sadly on the day of the wedding my hair simply would not cooperate and I could not wear it, so it stayed hidden away but I definitely look forward to the chance to use it when I play dress-ups again!

The last thing I needed was a belt – as all steampunk costumes need some sort of utility belt. Unfortunately there was simply not enough time (two days out from the wedding at this point) to fashion a proper utility belt with pouches and such, so I bought a cheap brown belt from KMart and attached all manner of brass chains and huge charms bought from Kays Artycles to it, with the finishing touch being a cheap set of goggles that the manbeast bought for his costume but didn’t use in the end.

A pair of fishnet stockings and some awesome new Bennetts “Jia” Boots later, we had our costume!

Ta-dah! - Steampunk Costume Creation

The finished product! With a parasol!
Photograph by Lisa Otteraa.

A little bit wenchy, a little bit piratey, a little bit steampunky!

And just so you can see the awesomeness that is the skirt and my boots: - Steampunk Costume Creation

The gypsy bride herself and her steampunk best girl.

Sunday Review – Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Welcome to another Sunday Review – the blog posts where I spruik my mates’ businesses!

Last week we had gears and cogs, this week we have refined elegance.

Annette Piper has long been an acquaintance and inspiration of mine. Having met her through the Aussie Beading Forum, I’d watched her show creation after beautiful creation using the most beautiful gemstones I’d ever seen. We’re both attracted to natural and colourful pretties. Annette’s style is simple, her work really lets the gems do all the talking. There’s no fluffy bits or anything that takes the focus away from the main attraction of her work.

Not only is she a brilliant jewellery designer, but, as the the name suggests, she’s a qualified aficionado of beautiful gems. The girl knows her stuff.

Annette teams her beads up with sterling silver or gold wire and findings, making gorgeous classic pieces that will stand the test of time, regardless of the current trends.

You can catch Annette at various markets in New South Wales (Australia) and she also sells online via her luscious website and on Facebook. For up-to-date details on her market endeavours, make sure you like her page! She’ll actually be at the Willow Markets in the Hunter Valley region TODAY (if you happen to be reading this early enough).

Here’s a select few of my favourite pieces:
(Click on images to zoom in!) - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Nuggets of turquoise lusciousness. - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Striking green – brilliant for Summer and Spring - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Crazy colour! - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Baroque pearls. - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Oh the drippy, gemmie gorgeousness. - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

This one is all class. - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Lovely crystal quartz. - Sunday Review - Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

Seriously, this needs no fancy embellishment. LOOKITTHEGREEN!

All photographs property of Annette Piper, Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery.

Pretty Things: Bead Hoarder Blog Hop

I just need to take a photo!
Please consider this a place holder!


Cripes. Time just got away from me. Here is my finished Bead Hoarder Blog Hop piece for Lori Andersen’s Pretty Things, Bead Hoarder Blog Hop!

I’d kept these beads since my sister’s wedding – I’d actually made the jewellery for the occasion but since, well, I am me, I ordered way too many of them. So they’ve been sitting in my stash waiting 18 months to be used. I have much older things but those will have to keep waiting a little bit longer.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my piece! Pretty Things, Bead Hoarder Blog Hop

It’s a terrible photograph, I’m sorry!

Pintester Movement v.2: The Hairpins of Ugly

So when Sonja from The Pintester once again shouted out that she was having ANOTHER movement… (hurr hurr)… I signed up right off the bat. The first one I did – The Pigs In Mud Cake – was loads of fun and I thought I could do the same again with something different.

But! New rules. We had to try a Pintest that The Pintester had already pintested.

Get it?

Got it?


So I scrolled through the blog and decided I would do something crafty again since I am not the craftiest and like a challenge and I found the pintest for Button Bobby Pins. Sonja got the idea from a Pinterest pin via A Homemaker’s Journal.

I immediately remembered I had hairpins (aka bobby pins) in my bathroom and I had a container of “vintage” (aka crappy plastic) buttons somewhere in my craft supply which I had been saving for another project which has been taking it’s sweet time coming to fruition.

So… here’s what I did… - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Ye olde jar of buttons and tube of old hair pins. - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

A slightly better view of ye olde buttons and pins. Those pins are meant for blonde hair. I am yet to meet a blonde person with that colour hair. - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Flash forward – I’ve already glued these together. The original instructions say to sew buttons onto the hair pins but mine had shanks that I had to cut off and file down. As you can see, I had some mishap with the glue on one… :( - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Here’s the thing. I am not a patient person… so not only did I borrow the manbeast’s super glue for the project but also his accelerator. One quick spray of this stuff on glue sets that shit hard immediately. It also works rather well on nail polish but I am not telling him why there’s suddenly hardly any left in the can. Ahem. - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

So this is where I started to get all artsy with the pin. I can’t do this shit and not put my own spin on it. So I grabbed some extra stuff like wire and beads and pearls… and… well… - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

… this started happening… - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

… and this… - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

… and then I decided to go for broke and add some ugly! - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

And this is what I finished up with. It looks particularly ugly here but in the hair it actually looks ok. It does. I swear! - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

The collection so far! But I wanted MOAR! - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

I grabbed a packet of teeny-tiny watch parts I’d bought and glues some to a washer, like this… - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Oops – not a hairpin! The manbeast and I share a craft table and he had this guy out waiting for the next lick of paint. Inneecute? (Cute in a bitey-rip-you-apart way.) - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Steampunky goodness! This was a little cameo button which I fell in love with. Again, I had to cut and file the shank away before I glued it on. - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

Ta-dah! The finished product and possibly my first ever steampunk ANYTHING. - The Pintester Movement V2. Button Bobby Pins

All of the bobby pins. Take a bow.

Nailed it.

(The steampunk hairpin has already been claimed.)

The Pintester Movement – “Pigs in Mud”

Ok… so I did the Pintesting thing.

For the uninitiated, “pintesting” is actually attempting one or more of the bajillions of things you’ve “pinned” on your Pinterest boards.

These are my Pinterest boards. As you can see, the craft and cookery ones are choccers full of stuff I would like to try.

Anyway, in the spirit of Sonja, “The Pintester‘s”, Pintester Movement*, I joined in by doing this cake which, like a lot of people who’ve seen the original picture all over the web, I’ve been obsessing over.

(*Link will work as of 30th May… or 1st June Aussie time.)

I mean… come on. It’s pigs. In mud. How hard could it be? I’ve always been pretty good at this food crafty stuff. I used to occasionally make marzipan figures for cakes many, many years ago – so maybe I had a little head-start with this one which may or may not be in the true spirit of pintesting, but ANYHOO…

The Night Before.

When I decided to do this, I posted up on my Facebook wall that I wanted to make a cake. Because I don’t really want to put back on too many of the 50kg (~100lb) that I’ve lost over the past couple of years, I also asked if there was anyone local who wanted said cake. Of course the response I received was expected. Naturally lots of people wanted cake. Fortunately I had a friend who’s daughter was turning six five on Tuesday (28th May) so it was perfect for her birthday and I felt a sense of good-deed-ism for inadvertently doing this for a special occasion.

Unfortunately this meant that I HAD to get the cake done well before the Pintester Movement deadline of May 30. EEEEEEEEP! I actually had to get it done to deliver the next day! I say again; EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

So I ran (drove) to the shops and bought everything (most things) that I needed to make the cake.

So the whole process started by looking like this: - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Cream and chocolate in a bowl to make ganache.

And I’d already made my first mistake.

See, the recipe called for 300ml cream to 600gm chocolate.

Which stupid blonde made a 1:1 version involving 600ml cream and 600gm chocolate?

Oh yeah. Me.

So whilst I had ganache, it was very runny and I knew that even leaving it sit overnight, it would still be too runny to use on the cake.

So I sent the manbeast out to buy more chocolate. Which he did. And I ended up with a shit-ton of chocolate ganachey goodness as a result because I added another 600gm of chocolate to the bowl. That’s nearly 2kg (4.4lb) of ganache, people!!!!

Next on the agenda was preparing the fondant for making the pigs. I knew I wouldn’t have time for mixing it up the next day so I grabbed some food colouring and went to work massaging the stuff into lovely pinkness.

Insert an inappropriate comment filled with sexual innuendo here. - Pigs in Mud Cake, Pintester Movement

Don’t judge me. It was 11pm and what would you do if you were faced with something that was pliable and pink?

Semi-Serious Tip: To get the perfect “piggy” pink, add some apricot colouring to the mix. It tones down the pink and makes it slightly more realistically fleshy coloured.

And then I went to bed.

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A Disquiet Mind

You want to know what’s really hard?

Taking first steps. But as I wrote on a Facebook status a while back…

“The first step is always the hardest, though I will admit that the second and third steps sting like a bitch too.”

It does.

Things have not been well in The House of Ren.

Without going into too much detail, I’ve sought out counseling to assist with some issues I have.

Ah, fuck it, let’s go into detail.

I’m seeing a shrink for the following reasons:

I’m angry. ALL. THE. TIME.

I’m sad. ALL. THE. TIME.

I love the world. ALL. THE. TIME.

I hate the world. ALL. THE. TIME.

I like myself. Well, occasionally.

I hate myself. ALL. THE. TIME.

Are we getting the gist yet? This has been me for several years and when I think about it, it’s been that way probably well before my husband was ever on the scene. The problem is that when any little bit of stress comes my way, all of the above escalates to new levels but then… it doesn’t really go back down again. Picture a thermometer if you will. The temperature has risen but the chemistry of the solution has somehow changed and while the temperature goes back down, it never really quite hits zero again.

It stays slightly warmer after each spike.

Being jobless has been the worst thing for me. I managed for the first five months and then I realised as I cleaned out one account of all the savings therein, I was in trouble. Big trouble. Not just for the money side of things but for the stress.

Literally, a volcano waiting to go off.

Well… I exploded – about ten times too many, much to the detriment of my marriage. My husband now sleeps in another room and I pretty much don’t sleep at all.

Oh, major plug for Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer (shade #52 if you please). It hides the circles masquerading as black eyes.

So I made the decision to see the doctor (that awful first step) then see the psychologist (second step – just as fucking painful).

I’d never been to see a psychologist before.

Yes, I’ve had my moments where I’ve called Lifeline to talk to someone (*anyone*) just to let this shit out but it’s a very different experience being in a room with a person you don’t know and telling them everything.


Including why I immediately started laughing as soon as I walked into the office.

Because there IS an actual couch.

And there IS an actual armchair.

And my psychologist looks like a new-age hippy librarian in her patent red Mary Janes and purple stockings and pink cardigan and a top-knot of shaggy blonde hair.

I had to laugh. You would have too.

And yes, she uttered the words, “Tell me about your childhood” which also made me snicker. And then there were tears because my childhood was actually a bit crap.

All of it came out. All of it, all of it, all of it.

I paid $130 to sit on a blue couch and cry for an hour.

Anyway… All that said and done, it was interesting and I think beneficial. It was the first session so I am not really sure. I came out absolutely raw, in any case.

And I get to do it all again next week!

In the interim, I’ve taken up doodling. This weekend leading up to my appointment, I was freaking out a little bit. I needed something, anything, to focus on rather than my deteriorating mental state. So I grabbed my art pens and old sketch book from school and started to doodle.

I literally just went where my brain took me as I refused to think of anything but putting lines on paper. And pretty much suddenly the paper was all there was in the world and the only decision I needed to make was where to make the next line on the page. Just concentrating on putting all the energy I would otherwise be putting into emoting physically into the pen I was using. - Doodletangle

When I finished and looked at it and thought that’s what my brain looks like right now. That’s a four-hour timelapse image of my mind. I know I will do more of these. I fancy having a series of “brain” pictures like this and then letting people guess what I was feeling as they look at each part of the picture.

If you’ve never tried it, give it a go. It’s cathartic and therapeutic in itself.

Bead Soup Blog Party #7 Reveal!

After a delay of a week due to poor Lori being ill, I am happy to show off my Bead Soup Blog Party #7 piece!

Just as a reminder, these were all the lovely beads that my partner, Ginger, posted to me.

To be honest, I only just finished it today. Lots going on in life made it difficult to get what I wanted done but I like the result anyway.

The “must use” bits were of course the beautiful focal and the clasp, but I also used some of the frosted amber glass beads that Ginger sent me as well as some prehnite rondelles and drops that I had. I also embellished the focal a little more with some wire and a two-tone brass/copper rose. I really don’t work with such warm tones but it was fun to try something new and I think I’ve fallen in love with copper. Going to have to do more with it!

Anyway, there were plans to use more of the beads in another piece which I’ve started but this was the most important one to get up! - Bead Soup Blog Party #7 - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Thanks Ginger, for a magnificent first-time experience with the BSBP.

Ya’ll can go check out Ginger’s wonderful creation right here!

Of course, if you want to go check out the rest of the reveals for today, here’s a big-assed list of everyone participating. Head on over to the Bead Soup blog to see the other reveals.

Agata Grygiel
Ali McCarthy
Alice Craddick
Amy Severino
Ana Krepel
Andra Weber
Andrea Glick
Andrea Trank
Anitra Gordy Boyers
Annette Rivers
Anu Tuppurainen
April Grinaway
Audrey Bélanger
Barbara Bechtel
Barbara Mason
Becky Pancake
Beti Horvath
Billi RS Rothove
Bobbie Rafferty
Brandi Burdick
Candida Castleberry
Carol Dillman
Carolyn Gebert
Carolyn Lawson
Caron Reid
Catherine King
Cathy Jakicic
Chandra Merod
Charlene Jacka
Cheri Reed
Cherrie Fick
Cherrie Warzocha
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Dunham
Cheryl Foiles
Cheryl Gangle
Chris Eisenberg
Chris White
Christina Miles
Christine Murrow
Cindy Ritchie
Clare Etheridge
Cory Tompkins
Cris Peacock
Cynthia Abner
Debbie Rasmussen
Debi Levine
Deborah Brooks
Deborah Read
Debra Behrends
Dorota Żerańska
Elaine Robitaille
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca
Emma Todd
Erin Guest
Evelyn Shelby
Evie and Beth McCord
Francy Inman
Ginger Bishop
Gloria Allen
Hajer Waheed
Hope Smitherman
Ilenia Ruzza
Ilona Hegedűs
Ine Vande Cappelle
Jackie Ryan
Janine Lucas
Jean Peter
Jean Wells
Jeanne Steck
Jelveh Jaferian Johnson
Jennifer Cabic
Jennifer Reno
Jennifer VanBenschoten
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Jenny Kyrlach
Jenny Robledo
Jessica Brower
Jill MacKay
JJ Jacobs
Jo-Ann Woolverton
Joanne Tinley
Johanna Rhodes Nash
Judy Robinson
Juli Cannon
Julia Gerlach
Julie Bowen
Julie Panusis
K Hutchinson
Karen Martinez
Karen Vincent
Karen Williams
Karin Slaton
Karyn Bonfiglio
Kat Douglas
Kate Dufour
Kate Mulligan
Kate Richbourg
Kathleen Gallant
Kathleen Lange Klik
Katie Nielsen-Nunez
Kay Bolton
Kayla Potega
Kelli Jacobson
Kelly Patterson
Kelly Ramstack
Kiersten Kern
Kim Sparks
Klaudete Koon
Klaudia Tóth
Krista French
Kristin Oppold
Kym Hunter
Lana Kinney
Laura Guenther
Lauren Fenty
Leah Curtis
Lennis Carrier
Linda Murphy
Lisa Johnson
Lori Anderson
Lupe Meter
Lynn Jobber
Mandi Effron
Marcia Dunne
Margareta Saari
Marianne Baxter
Marie Covert
Mary Ellen Parker
Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens
Megan Milliken
Melissa Meman
Melissa Mesara
Michaela Pabeschitz
Michelle Tucker
Mimi Gardner
Mischelle Fanucchi
Monica Phillips
Mowse Doyle
Nancy Boylan
Nancy Dale
Pat Haight
Patina Queen
Patty Miller
Pia Kaven
Rebecca Anderson
Rose Johnson
Roxanne Blanc
Sarah Goode
Sarah Singer
Sarah Strover
Shalini Austin
Sherri Stokey
Sherry Baun
Sheryl Stephens
Silvia Sernicola
Solange Collin
Stacie Florer
Stacy Alderson
Stephanie Haussler
Stephanie LaRosa
Sue Burleigh
Susan Bowie
Susan Kelly
Susan of Libellula Jewelry
Susan Sheehan
Suzanne Fragiacomo
Tammi Sloan
Tammie Everly
Tania Hagen
Tania Spivey
Tanya Goodwin
Tanya Wiles
Tari Kahrs
Theresa Buchle
Tiffany Smith
Tina Holden
Tracey Nanstad
Tracie Dean
Tracy Bell
Tracy Kruse
Veralynne Malone
Veronica Campos-Hallstrom


Bead Soup Blog Party #7 – Partner and Soup Reveal!

God, this is riveting stuff, innit?

Well this is MY blog and it’s exciting for ME so shut up.

As you may or may not be aware, I signed up for Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party #7 (BSBP#7) and was partnered up with The Lovely Ginger who (currently) hails from Olde Okinawa Town. We pretty much sent each other’s beady soups off straight away which is sort of bittersweet because we’re in the second reveal, so that means we have to wait until June (JUNE! ARGH!) April (which isn’t so bad as June – I was reading the American date wrong) to show our creations off. Though I suppose it gives me loads of time to think of something to do with all the pretties she sent me, which I will get around to showing you now…

First, this is the pack that I sent Ginger. Some gorgeous lampworked beads by fabulous artist (and my friend) Anne Dundas. I have loads of Anne’s beads and these had been in my collection for some time just waiting for the right moment to be used. They were perfect for a bead soup and I couldn’t not send them. I also packed one of my favourite kinds of toggle clasps from Bali to go with it. (For the BSBP, you really only needed to send a focal and decorative clasp but most people have gone all out for their partners.) I had these picked out long before the partners were revealed and it was good to know that Ginger, like myself, is into blues and ocean colours so I knew these would be a challenge. - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

The “soup” I put together for Ginger. Lampwork beads, Bali toggle and some Swarovski bicones in “Alabaster”.

Of course, when I got Ginger’s parcel last week, I was immediately put to shame not only by the amount of beads she packed for me, but the sublime packaging and decorations.

Which she made herself.

I am in awe of her patience.

Anyway… I opened the mailing box and this is what I had saw: - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Pretty boxes – and a lovely little dish!

Of course, I went “squee!” over the little dish that was supplied for my soup. I’ve been into collecting little dishes and tea sets and the like for a while now and this will add nicely to my eclectic collection: - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

A gorgeous dish for my soup!

So, into the first box we go: - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Sliver of agate in amber tones and a great copper toggle clasp. These are the official Soup requirements.

And then the next box: - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

A mix of beads in browns and ambers, including a polymer clay artist bead (OMG, so funky!) and a shell focal. Man I am spoiled. - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

I adore the box! - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

The top of the box. Everything was all nicely labelled for me too.

And then the NEXT box: - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Beautifully boxed and labelled for me. I was curious over this one. The pink pompom was also made by Ginger. Seriously crafty chickie. A very pretty touch. - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Apparently the original version of the bead soup. Hell, I would have been happy with just these. I LOVE the pendants and beads.

Finally, Ginger also sent me a cute little set of silver and paua shell earrings which she put together herself. Sadly I don’t have pierced ears so I can’t wear them! I think I will have to incorporate them into a pendant or bracelet for myself just so I can wear them. - Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Earrings for me!

Needless to say, Ginger was extremely generous and totally put me to shame, even though I did fulfil the official requirements. So Ginger, expect something else in the mail real soon!

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