Watching the Morning

dragonrockFull list of stock credits can be found on my deviantART page.

Another for my Dragon Worlds series.  Been working on this one for a while. Still not entirely happy with it.  I think it’s because it’s in portrait orientation rather than landscape. It’s not quite as epic as I was hoping it to look and I think the lack of background is the reason why.  Feel free to leave your opinions. I really can’t fix this without starting from scratch and that’s something I’m not really inclined to do unless I’m particularly inspired to revisit Photoshop and battle the dragons again.

The Morrighan

morrighanFull stock credits can be found on my deviantART page.

The Washer of the Ford
There is a lonely stream afar in a lone dim land:
It hath white dust for shire it has, white bones bestrew the strand:
The only thing that liveth there is a naked leaping sword;
But I, who are a seer am, have seen the whirling hand
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I absolutely adored London.  It was big and dirty and scary.  It has the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Churchill Museum (which I adored), the Brittish Museum (which was unfortunately filled to the brim with school kids). I loved the muffins and juice we got from the little cafe right nextdoor to the hostel we stayed in. I loved the fact that we were right across the road from Shepherds Bush station.  I even adored how people got really narky when you didn’t stand to the right on the escalators but didn’t actually say anything to you until they managed to get past and then they’d only grumble and insult you under their breath. I loved being in the shadow of Big Ben. I loved walking through Regents Park even though Allison and I were trying to find London Zoo.  I love how English people don’t know how to queue.  London is fun.

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Just getting back into the swing of things and practicing some new techniques in Photoshop.   Almost got the painterly effect going (though that wasn’t the aim).  Below you can see a picture of the after/before comparison.  All the details as to the stock providers and a bigger version of this image can be found on my deviantART account, and the image “Nereid”.