• Ren, aka Erin, is a takerer of pictures and a writerer of words. Most of those words are truly horrible when put together creatively, as demonstrated in every NaNoWriMo she’s ever taken part in.
  • The photographs are vaguely more impressive. She’s a fledgling boudoir and creative portrait photographer.
  • Ren is also a digital artist of sorts, actually trained in cool stuff like logo design and typography and colour theory… but she just likes to make pretty pictures on the computer occasionally.
  • She also-also makes jewelry… she has very eclectic tastes but generally aims for “organic” which means her mess-ups become part of the design. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.
  • Mostly, she just enjoys blogging for blogging’s sake.
  • What will you find in Renlish? Photos, art, words, the occasional product review (she buys lots of useless stuff like beauty sponges and nail polish) or competition entry (’cause I like to win stuff too, yo!) and finally, the occasional blog-hop and link-up thing because she’s a meme addict.
  • What does Ren want from this blog? Just an intelligent followship. A little community to converse to. Feel free to leave her some comment luuuurve.
  • And if you want to email her, it’s ren[at]renlish.com.
  • She swears.  A lot. She’s trying her best to curb this habit but it occasionally slips out into her writing, especially when she’s frustrated.
  • She has two small cats called Bindi (“bin-dee”) and Dugite (“dew-gyte”), who are otherwise known as “That Fucking Cat!” and “Spewkitty”.
  • She also thinks it’s kinda weird that she’s talking about herself in third person so she’s going to stop and leave you with this pretty picture.
  • Because she’s not at all narcissistic.
The Ren – Photograph by Tamara Bodor, Maralianna.com