Bead Soup Blog Party 2014 – The Big Reveal

Well after a week’s delay, here we have the results of my Bead Soup.

And… It’s not finished!

*hangs head in shame*

At least not finished in the way I’d like it to be, even though I kind of love it the way it is. Alas and alack, I realised too late that I didn’t have the bits I needed to finish it the way I wanted to and due to issues like me being unwell and the cat being crook, it just didn’t come together as planned. However I did stick with my initial design and went for simplicity. Peruzi beads really do speak for themselves and I didn’t want to take away too much attention from them by adding too much in the way of embellishments.

I will definitely be updating this necklace in the coming days so I can show what I REALLY had in mind for it, but for now I’m happy.

My necklace with beads and focal by Peruzi Beads
My necklace with beads and focal by Peruzi Beads

You can find the complete list of participants for the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party right here!

You can see the absolutely magnificent job my BSBP partner, Tracy, did with the beads I sent her right here! She’s done an amazing job and made some stunning jewellery with what I sent her.

Just in case you need a reminder, this is what I sent Tracy: - Bead Soup Blog Party 2014
Bead set, connector and toggle by Peruzi, Swarovski crystals in Fire Opal and Padparadscha, and a strand of purple toned Czech crystas=ls.

61 thoughts on “Bead Soup Blog Party 2014 – The Big Reveal

  1. I love how streamlined this is, with the braiding incorporating the beads. The palette is soft and delightful, very pretty.

  2. I love what you did with the bead soup…and you are so right, simplicity works best with Nat’s fabulous Peruzi collection. PS. Hope you and your kitty are both feeling much better!

  3. Now I just love it as it is. The leather and the beads sing a wonderful song together.

    (( I have a cat that is a crook too. When we moved, I found over a shoe box full of beads and whatnot he had stolen.))

  4. I agree the “simple” approach let the beads and focal express their beauty better, and it is often the most difficult thing to arrange. The necklace is elegant and beautiful.

  5. I have to say, to my eyes that necklace looks just about perfect as is. It’s elegant, it’s classy and I’d love to wear it.

  6. I like it as it is, I have to say. But I know the feeling when you envision something and you can’t finish it as you wish …

  7. Knot finished or Not finished? lol whichever it is. ;) It’s very nice and you are right the beads speak for themselves but I think you did a great job letting them stand out. It’s very elegant.

  8. Please, let the necklace as it is! It’s so beautiful. It reminds me to summer, beach and deepblue sea. No reason for redesign…

  9. HA! My cats are crooks, too!

    You know — I think sometimes less is more. I had a GORGEOUS focal from a lampworker one year, and I despaired on how to do it justice — it would have been just fine on a chain. I overdid it, thought about it, and two weeks later redid it. I actually think that what you made is PERFECT for that focal.

  10. I think you’ve got the right idea to keep it simple and not distract from the beads. I really like the design at the moment, but will check back to see if you change it, as you say!

  11. I definitely like what you came up’s really Soup-er!I hope I can remember to come back and see what you really had in mind.

  12. I know when things don’t turn out like the picture in your head, but this necklace is beautiful. I love it the way it is. Gorgeous beads, and perfect with that leather.

  13. This darn IPad keeper changing what I type….so sorry bout that…my website is…… http:/

  14. Beautiful! I am fond of monochromatic color schemes and would love to wear a necklace like this. Very nice combination of techniques, too.

  15. The bead soup you received is fabulous and I think you did a great job, the “simplicity” of the leather is wonderful in this piece! Although I am curious how you are going to change it, I think it’s fabulous just as it is!

  16. I don’t know what your original plan was for that necklace but I can’t see why you’d want to re-do it. It’s lovely and showcases the beads so well.

  17. I love this, simple but totally shows off the focal. Funnily enough, I sent that exact same focal (well as close as a handmade piece can be!) to my BSBP partner (Sandra Wollberg). Really interesting to see how you each worked with it!

  18. You’ve showcased the Peruzi beads wonderfully! I’m interested to find out what you really had in mind for the beads.
    BTW you met Traci Harding! I’m so jealous ;)

  19. Love your design – that focal and clasp are stunning … and I love the soup you sent your partner =)

  20. It might not be finished but I seriously love it, now I really need to come back to see what the finished finished piece looks like!!! ;)

  21. The simplicity of your necklace really makes it quite a sophisticated piece. Nice that you didn’t overdo it. I like the use of the leather too.

  22. I love how the combination of soft colors and the way you used the leather, really wonderful as it is.

  23. I am wondering what you would add or change about your necklace. I think it’s lovely as it is – subdued colors & very natural looking – but, of course, it is your design & you know what you wanted it to become. Good luck finishing it. You sent a gorgeous soup to your partner!

  24. Beautiful beads, and a lovely result; no need to hang your head! Looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes as well.

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