Why I will never be a wedding photographer.

That shit’s HARD, yo.

Seriously. That’s all.

Oh, that and I suck at it.

I have now been a wedding photographer twice in my life – once as a guest taking pictures at the wedding of a couple of my best mates and more recently the unofficial official photographer which I was totally conned into being by my lovely… *gritting teeth* …sister. She needed “help”. What she didn’t say (until the afternoon before the actually wedding day) was “You are going to be in the rotunda during the ceremony – photographing the ceremony.”

Oh… Hell.

I don’t deal terribly well with that sort of pressure.

Put a pretty girl in her undies in front of me and I will happily shoot away – not fussed in the slightest. Put me in front of a couple doing a once-in-a-lifetime-can’t-repeat-this-day situation and I lose the plot entirely.

I’m a people person to the extent that I can chat with small groups once introductions have been made and some common ground has been laid out but in a situation where I have to both blend into the background and be amongst the action AND people-herd at the same time? Ugh. No.


So, here I say NEVER again. EVER again.

Fortunately for this wedding, I only had a few specific shots to get and for the most part, I got them. They’re good enough considering I wasn’t being paid for spending four ours out in the sun on a blistering hot and photographically nightmare-ish bright day.

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

Sparkly details.

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

Aww, love.

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

Kinda dubious about some of the names on this list…

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

The groom and best man, having a moment. There were tongues involved in a later photo between these two but the less said about that the better.

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

The bride’s young daughter. Such a cutie.

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

“You got to pucker you lips… like dis…”

Renlish.com - Wedding Photography

The lovely bride.

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  1. People sue wedding photographers all the time also, waaaaaayyy too much stress I would think. However your pic’s are great, so very well done.

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