Puppy Bomb… I mean… Therapy

Gird your loins, I am about to bomb you with ovary-popping cuteness.

On Sunday I made the trip to Beaconsfield with my aunt Nessa to choose a puppy. Not for me, for her. She’s a breeder of Finnish Lapphunds and she’s after some more dog stock for her kennel.

After the sad demise of her very first lappy, Blaze, Nessa was after getting some of his progeny back in her life. If you knew Blaze like I did, you’d understand why we’re all missing him a great deal. As dogs go, he was the best. Not only a champion dog in the ring (literally) but a funny and playful rascal of a mutt who didn’t have a temperamental bone in his body. It seems we found him again in this little batch of adorable cutenesses.

Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
“Can’t… get…. under… it…”
Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Puppy toses!
Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
This was pretty much the standard of the day. The puppies moved faster than the baby on the swing. This one was hopping all over the damn place.

All was well and good until I saw this one…

Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Oh. My. God.
Renlish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Oh. My. Fucking. God.

In terms of showing, the cream puppies are not the favourite in this country. Most people tend to favour the black and tan or the red and tan… or any of the darker colours with the beautiful masking. To me, a non-shower and a dog lover, I DON’T CARE! Creamie was lovely.

And our eyes met.

And we fell in love.

This little pup decided I was the best thing ever (in all her five weeks of “ever”). Even her kennel mummy was amused by it.

And then her kennel mummy said if I had $1800 I could have her and she would bump the people on the waiting list. The perks of being related to the master breeder.

I almost did it. Seriously. Unemployment and angry manbeasts be damned! I almost said yes right then. If the pup had behaved like the other puppies and played and ran off again, I probably would have got over it. But she didn’t…

She picked me.


That’s never happened before.

My heart broke a little bit, knowing that I couldn’t be the one to take this little polar bear masquerading as a puppy home with me.

Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Creamie and Mutkis. Doesn’t it break your heart in a good way?

Oh, then then not only did I have to contend with gorgeous puppies, but there was also a little person living on the property. Possibly the cutest little person I’ve seen since my nephew was born. And when you combine little person cuteness with puppy cuteness… I was ready to go home and make twelve little people of my own.

(That feeling passes very quickly – particularly once the little people start pooping and crying and being little shits.)

Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
This little one “chose” Brayden. Apparently he’s the only puppy that Brayden will snuggle with too.
Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies

If you’re wondering, these little babies grow up to look like this strapping boy here:

Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies

And this was the little fuzzy wombat that Nessa chose for herself:

Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Flame. Grandchild of Blaze… Who I will be calling “Matches” just to annoy my aunt.

Anyway, we had to go home eventually… so I packed up, and found this as we were gathering up all the puppies…

Renish.com - Finnish Lapphund Puppies
Creamie, all tuckered out from a few hours of solid bouncy-puppiness.

I just… argh.


If anyone is curious about Finnish Lapphunds, feel free to contact Articmal Kennels. Vanessa has a very select breeding program and screens her buyers thoroughly. And if you’re a breeder of any dog who happens to be looking at this, she also runs a worldwide live dog/semen export/import business, Genes in Motion.

5 thoughts on “Puppy Bomb… I mean… Therapy

  1. I can see why Creamie was worth considering an overdraft & marital strife for. You are a very strong willed woman Ren!

  2. Divine puppies, can see how hard it would be to walk away. Interestingly I saw one on that evil site you introduced me to, Pinterest, :o) Saw it today and then read this and go hmmmmm

    Hope you New Ear is going well :o) sorry about mu phone’s awful auto correct

  3. OH MY GOD!! I NEED one!! They are so fucking cute!! The white one is beyond adorable!! I would of sold my ass for that puppy!! ;-)

    Found your blog from Mrs. Monologues blog…And I LOVE it already!!

  4. I’m not even a ‘dog person’ (though I adored my beautiful wolf-like Germany shepherd I had years ago) but seeing those pups? I swear I’ve never seen such sweet foofy ‘melt-in-your-heart-not-your-hand’ pups!!! They’re a cuteness overload that makes my brain explode ~splat!~

    The creamy one’s adorable but the second photo of that little darling trying to push under the bar – that face and expression in its eyes tugged at my heart. But $1800?! Wow! Those are expensive puppies! Sure grow up to be gorgeous adult dogs too.

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