Facts About Me

Because I had nothing to do for an hour or so…

You know, because I am busy being an umemployed bum…

And I was browsing some new blogs and came across an interesting blog hoppy thing on a new blog that I am quickly learning to love… I thought I’d fill in some time.


Fact: I had braces for seven years. Yep. Non-stop, seven years. The really sad thing is my teeth are more stuffed up than before I had them due not in a small way to the incompetent orthodontist who refused to do his job properly. I got them just after my 11th birthday. They were taken off just shy of my 18th.

Fact: My high school was a nunnery. Sisters of Mercy. Shit you not. As a result, I am the most confused and disillusioned Catholic possibly ever.

Fact: I believe in ghosts. Yeup. I do. I could tell you why but then you’d probably poke fun at me and never speak to me again.

Fact: I have Dyscalculia. Google it. Basically means that maths and I do not get on. At all.

Fact: In high school, my Legal Studies teacher said I would never end up in a job that involved law. I ended up working in conveyancing and litigation for seven years. My maths teacher also said I would never end up in a job where maths was necessary. I ended up working in superannuation. Yes, I can get around the dyscalculia with a calculator whilst doing defined benefit calculations… and apparently you don’t really need to go to school for all that time and waste all that money to learn to be a lawyer since I could spell better and often knew more about conveyancing law than most solicitors who contacted me.

Fact: I hate soft drinks… aka soda for my American friends. I don’t like the bubbles. The only time I like Coke is when there’s Bacardi involved.

Fact: I think that Vegemite originates from the Devil’s arsehole. I am Australian and I hate the stuff and I am not afraid to admit it.

Fact: I hate housework. The only time I willingly do it is when I am severely jacked-off at something (or someone… not looking at a particular manbeast…) and then it will be done violently. With much swearing.

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  1. You are indeed the most interesting of folk. I’m sure the perfect employment will turn up soon for you xxx


    Have you tried vegemite with butter in pureed veggies? OMG DROOLING… and now I am craving a vegemite and cheese toasted sanga. DAMN YOU!

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