Are you ready? I am! Bead Soup starts next week!

Lori Anderson’s “Bead Soup” event starts next week, and I have decided to sign up for the madness.

Why not, says I?

It’s not like I’m employed at the moment.

(No the job hunt is not going so well – after six and a half months I am still jobless. I have discovered I have a bad interview technique. Unfortunately that means that all the possibilities for jobs I have applied for and interviewed for in the past few months have ended up in tears. Usually mine. No, actually, always mine.)



I was excited when I first found out about this last year. Unfortunately I discovered it just a few days after the initial sign-up and partnering and I’ve had to wait A YEAR for it to come around again. And it’s open internationally which is awesome. - BEAD SOUP BSBP7-beaders

This time I am not missing out!

It’s nice to have my beading mojo back in time for this!

One thought on “Are you ready? I am! Bead Soup starts next week!

  1. I like to think “bad interview technique” is just a cover up for “way too awesome to ever work for us”.

    Not looking forward to going back into the rat-race when uni finishes at the end of the year…might just go back and do some post-grad work. Delay the inevitable and all that.

    Evan had a rough trot getting a job as well, he really didn’t want to go back to working in the kitchen fulltime but he finally bit the bullet and applied for a couple of kitchen jobs. After a few fits and starts he found one that allows him to work part-time and spend the rest of his time on his chocolate business. Mind you it took him five months of getting the “over qualified / under qualified” spiel.

    Yay for beady goodness though, I am sure you will have fun with that. :D

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