Photo a Day Challenge – December 1 (Happy Burpday to Me!)

I am doing Fat Mum Slim’s December photo challenge to see out what has been a right, royal shit of a year for me.

It’s December 1. I was officially given birth to on this day, 34 years ago.

I feel old.

Anyway, the challenge for today is “8 o’clock”. I had planned to take a picture this morning…

Unfortunately I was asleep.

Here is my evidence…
“8 o’clock”

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day Challenge – December 1 (Happy Burpday to Me!)


    Your picture made me laugh. I, too, have decided to do FMS’s December Photo Challenge. But since I’m in Pennsylvania, I still have 11.5 hours before it’s 8:00 AM, 12/1/12. And since I’ll more than likely forget about this tomorrow morning — because I’m a dope — I probably won’t post until 8:00 PM!

    Happy Birthday, once again. I hope your day is spectacular!

  2. I missed your birthday!

    Never mind, on the internet it is deemed necessary to celebrate your birthday for an entire week. And if you are particularly self absorbed the whole month.

    Happy Birthweek!

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