Boots that fit?! True!

When I was much bigger, I despaired at ever being able to find a pair of boots that fit my tree-stump legs.

My legs, particularly my calves, are larger than that of most average people. Even before I got really big, my legs were always chunky.

I’d first heard about Bennetts Boots when a colleague at work pranced into the office wearing a stunning pair of boots.

“Go!” She cried. “They come in wide fittings for bigger feet and calves!”

While she wasn’t as big as me, she too had a larger footprint so she totally understood what a fucking joy it is to find something that fits and fits well.

I wasn’t entirely convinced, though. My size 10-11 clodhoppers and 60cm circumference calves would never fit in any of the boots there. I’d been on this wild goose chase before. I’d found “wide calf” boots online and was bitterly disappointed when I had the product in hand.

But I went to see what the fuss was about. At this point I’d lost about 15kg and thought I’d done pretty well. I’d managed to knock a few centimeters off my legs and thought I might get lucky.

Well, I was – and I wasn’t.

Unfortunately my legs were STILL just too big to fit the WWW – yes, that’s TRIPLE WIDE at 54cm around the calf.

In an effort to get me into something that fit, the lovely lady in the shop suggested a bigger foot size as that also meant an increase in the calf circumference.

It worked! I got the boots done up! Sadly the shoe part was just too big so I couldn’t really take that route, but I vowed to return when I’d lost more weight. I was going to own a pair of boots if it killed me.

Well, obviously I’ve lost more weight but even better, I am now the proud owner of two pairs of boots from Bennetts. The glorious cherry-red Chains and more recently the very sexy Raphael.

I’ve never known a more comfortable pair of shoes – ever. They are exquisitely made, fully lined and extremely comfortable to wear.

Now, they’re not cheap – nothing in this silly country of ours ever is – and I do think that they are slightly overpriced but they are great quality and Bennetts have a great range of boots in various styles that makes it worth squeezing a little extra out of the bank account. And if you sign up with their newsletter, you are privy to some really awesome monthly deals as well. I got my Raphaels at half price. Not bad for a boot that’s normally just shy of $400 off the shelf, eh?

Bennetts Boots come in three different calf widths and many, many sizes. All the shoes are C-fitting which means that they will comfortably fit a wider foot and they can even fit orthotics in there if you need them.

For the record, Bennetts aren’t paying me for this review. I am a genuine customer and bought these boots with my own cash. I am just that happy with them that I signed up as an affiliate. So if you want a pair of boots, click on the link in my sidebar and go shopping!

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